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  Scholarship and Waiver Policy for Undergraduate and Master’s Students

(Applicable from Spring 2017)


1. Financial assistance is generally given to meritorious students to give them incentive for higher studies. Such assistance can be given in the form of academic scholarships and tuition fee waiver. Green University has dedicated Taka 10 CRORE in its “Scholarship and Waiver Fund” for the year 2017. Eligible students can avail this Scholarship and Waiver Fund.

 2. In year 2016, GUB has spent Taka 9 CRORE in “Scholarship and Waiver purposes. This was a significant step forward for GUB to encourage academic excellence in Bangladesh. We are committed in persistent investment in the “Scholarship and Waiver Program” in the coming years too.  We encourage dedicated students, aiming for a bright career to apply for admission at GUB. During admission, one can also apply in a prescribed form paying Tk. 100.00. Various category of waiver and scholarship policies are appended below:


3.      Waiver/Scholarship Policy for Undergraduate Programs

Table # 1: Based on Results of SSC and HSC or its Equivalent

Combined GPA

Waiver (%) on credit fees

GPA to be Maintained

GPA 10 (All A+ in SSC & HSC)



GPA 10



GPA 8.00 to 9.99



GPA 5.00 to 7.99




Table # 2: Students of English Medium

Results in ‘A’ Level

Waiver (%) on credit fees

GPA to be Maintained

Grade "A" in two subjects



Grade "A" in one subject and "B" in

another subject



Grade "B" in two subjects




 Table # 3: Students of Polytechnic Institutes  

Combined GPA in SSC and Diploma Exams

Waiver (%) on credit fees

GPA to be Maintained

GPA 9.00 out of 9.00    



GPA 8.00 - 8.99 out of 9.00 



GPA 5.00 - 7.99 out of 9.00 




 4.  Waiver/Scholarship policy for Graduate Programs

Previous Academic Results

Waiver (%) on credit fees

GPA to be Maintained

All First Divisions up to Masters



At least three first division up to Master’s degree



At least two first divisions



At least one first division




 5. Special waiver (One student can avail only one option from following categories)

Categories of waiver

Waiver % on tuition fees

Female students

10% additional waiver on tuition fees*

Siblings & Spouse

10% additional waiver on tuition fees*

Students of Ethnic Tribal Groups

10% additional waiver on tuition fees*

Players of National Cricket team (present national team)

100% additional waiver on tuition fees

National Team players of others sports teams (present national team)

50% additional waiver on tuition fees

Group (Minimum 6 students). Group students must be admitted together on the same day. 

Additional tuition fees waiver of 5% for 3-5 students and 7% for 6 students and above*

*Students have to maintain semester GPA required for a particular level of waiver. 


 6.  Semester Result based Scholarship

Undergraduate students can avail the following scholarship based on their previous semester

Results at GUB. (in addition to their previous scholarships):

CGPA  4.00          

10% Scholarship on tuition fees

CGPA  3.80 - 3.99           

05% Scholarship on tuition fees


7.   Second Degree Program Waiver

Students graduated from GUB will get 10% extra waiver in addition to their previous academic result based waiver in Master’s Program. They will have to maintain semester GPA required for a particular level of waiver. 

 8. Tuition fee Waiver for WOFF Quota

The scholarship/ waiver for sons/ daughters of the Freedom Fighters may be provided as

Stated below:

a.       3% students will be eligible for 100% scholarship/waiver.

b.       The scholarship/waiver will be given on tuition and registration fees

c.       The scholarship/waiver will be given according to the University policy.

d.       The scholarship/waiver will be given after verification of the certificates and relevant


e.       Applicants will have to apply in the prescribed Financial Aid Form on payment of

          Tk 100/-(Hundred) only.


9.  Tuition Fee waiver for GUB and US-Bangla Group employees and their ward/spouse.

GUB and US-Bangla Group employees or their spouses or first blood relatives will get financial benefit according to approval by a waiver committee and they will have to maintain semester GPA required for a particular level of waiver. No restriction will be imposed in taking courses. The waiver will be effective only if the employee has two year of work experience in GUB or US-Bangla Group. Employees must serve at GUB or US-Bangla Group for at least three years after the completion of degree. Otherwise they have to return half of the benefit received while quitting the service. The employee will have to submit a Letter of Commitment in Stamp Paper in this regard.


 10.  Conditions for getting Scholarship/Tuition Fee Waiver

a. This policy will be effective from Spring Semester 2017 for the new students who are entitled for tuition waiver based on their previous academic results. 


b. Scholarship and tuition fee waiver in first two semesters will be given on the basis of the student’s previous academic results. For third and consecutive semesters, if a student has been awarded scholarship and tuition fee waiver, s/he must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress in his/ her academic results at GUB in order to maintain his/ her scholarship and tuition fee waiver. Otherwise, the tuition fee will be calculated according to that semester’s GUB tuition fee policy.


c. All types of waiver based on previous academic results will continue for first two semesters.  For third and consecutive semesters, waiver will depend on results of the 2nd and subsequent semesters. After first two semesters, if any student fails to maintain his/her required GPA; s/he will get the following opportunities for subsequent semesters:

                                i. If a student fails to maintain the minimum semester GPA required for a particular level of waiver, s/he will be entitled for a lower level of waiver entitled to a student equivalent to his achieved GPA.

                               ii. For Example, if a student has got 100% waiver for which minimum semester GPA requirement is 3.50, but fails to maintain this GPA and gets GPA 3.30, s/he may be allowed to enjoy 40% waiver for that semester.

                                iii. For Example, if a student has got 10% waiver for which minimum GPA requirement is 2.75, but fails to maintain this GPA and gets GPA below 2.75 to 2.50, s/he may be allowed to enjoy 5% waiver for that semester.


d. It is to mention that eligible students can avail only one option of scholarship/ tuition fee waiver whichever is higher. To enjoy scholarship and tuition fee waiver (except female, ethnic minority group, siblings and spouse waiver) undergraduate program students must take at least twelve (12) credits and master’s programs students must take at least nine (9) credits in each semester. If any department offers less credit/ fewer credits (not less than 09 credits for undergraduate programs and 06 credits for graduate programs), the condition may be relaxed.


e. If any student registers in a semester for 9/ 12 or more credits, s/he have to pass all registered credits and to maintain the required GPA to enjoy or to continue his or her scholarship/ tuition fee waiver.


f. If a student drops a semester /drops all courses registered in a semester within the stipulated time, his/her tuition fee will not be refunded, rather it will be adjusted with the tuition fee payable during the next registration of courses. Besides, if the student cancels his/her admission after dropping a semester/ dropping all courses, such tuition fee will not be refunded either.


g. Scholarship and tuition fee waiver benefit is applicable only for tuition fee and is never applicable for Admission fee, Semester fee, Library fee, Laboratory fee, Extra Curricular activities fee, Internship/Dissertation/Project/Thesis/Research Writing/Monograph Writing, Course Improvement fee, Make-up or Retake examination fee.


h. Facilities, such as, scholarship, tuition fee waiver, etc. will instantly be cancelled forever if any student is found taking part in any activity which goes against the rules and regulations of the university. This policy will be followed strictly.


i. In case of Masters Program, education gap may be considered.


j. Applications of course waiver/ credit transfer must be submitted to the respective department before registration for classes in the 1st semester. Different departments may have some additional requirements.


k. A students can enjoy maximum 50% waiver from one or more categories except Word of Freedom Fighters, Players of National Cricket Team and Combined GPA 10 (without 4th subject)


11.  Application Procedure

i. We encourage serious students, aiming for bright career to apply for admission at GUB. During application for admission at GUB, students can also apply for financial waiver in a prescribed form by paying Tk. 100.00 (Taka one hundred only).


ii.  Photocopies of all certificates, marks sheet / transcripts, testimonials, four copies of recent passport size photograph are required to be submitted with the admission form. Students must bring all original papers during admission. Original papers will be returned after verification and attestation of the photocopies of those papers by the Admission Counselor.




*Present policy, approved on 27 December, 2016