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Eligibility of Admissions


Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) is growing steadily upholding the spirits of its oath “A Global Higher Education Center of Excellence” in order to contribute to the development of the business and technological sectors of Bangladesh. GUB programs are updated continuously by an independent academic council consisting of some scholars from renowned academic institutions of the country and are based on curricula of North American Universities. Our graduates are much sought after and employed by the corporate sectors of the country.


There is a wide range of Undergraduate Programs that GUB offers so that prospective students can make their degrees as exclusive as they may desire.  At GUB, we are committed to assuring academic excellence and a dynamic learning environment in each of our Undergraduate Programs. Our superlative faculty is always ready to support students with the greatest assistance. The following information will help you to have an overview of the Undergraduate Programs, including all the instructions under GUB rules and regulations.


Undergraduate Admission Eligibility


1. A minimum GPA of 2.5/2nd division/equivalent grade in SSC and HSC or equivalent public examinations. However, students with GPA 2.00 in any examination either SSC or HSC must have a minimum GPA of 6.00 totaling the GPA of both the examinations. or


2.  Candidates must have passed University of London and Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level in at least five subjects and ‘A’ Level in at least two subjects. Only the best five subjects in ‘O’ Level and best two subjects in ‘A’ Level will be considered. Out of these seven subjects, a candidate must have at least 4B’s or GPA of 4.00 in the four subjects and 3 C’s or GPA of 3.5 in the remaining three subjects. (in the scale of A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 and E=1. or


2.  A GED candidate would be eligible to get admission to any undergraduate program if he/she scores a minimum number of 410 out of 800 in all (5) GED courses separately and 450 on an average. or


3.  Diploma in Engineering under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) or equivalent, with at least a second division or a minimum GPA of 2.5.


4.    For admission to BSc in CSE, BSc in EEE and BSc in Textile Engineering programs, students must have had Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with satisfactory scores in HSC/A-Level or equivalent level. Candidates not having Mathematics or failed in Mathematics at HSC/A-levels must take a remedial course on Mathematics in addition to the courses required for the program.


6.    The students, who are sons/daughters of freedom fighters, will be eligible for getting admission if they have a minimum GPA of 5.00 totaling the GPA of SSC and HSC Examinations. Such students are requested to submit attested photocopies of (i) “Provisional Certificate” from Ministry of Liberation war affairs. (ii) Mukti Barta (iii) Gazette (iv) “National ID” of the freedom fighter. (v) Birth Certificate / Death Certificate of the Freedom Fighter. (vi)  Database of Freedom Fighters Information (vii) Government allowance book.


Break of Studies

Candidates with a break of study of not more than five years may apply for direct admission. Candidates with a break of study of more than five years will have to apply before admission.


Credit Transfer

Transfer of credits from an educational institution with a system similar to Green University may be considered after admission. Such candidates will have to apply with the required documents and the matter will be decided under the credit transfer rules of Green University.


Procedure for Admissions


Admission Test

Prospective students will have to face admission test before getting enrolled in the GUB. But those who have combined GPA of 7.00 in SSC & HSC (GPA of 6.00 in SSC & BTEB Degrees) will be exempted from the admission test.  In addition, candidates of Masters Programs will also be exempted from the admission test.


Submission of Complete Application Form

An applicant passing the admission test in any program at GUB has to collect an application form from the Admissions Office for specific information regarding application procedures by paying Tk. 500/- (Taka Five Hundred only). The application form is also available on GUB website at www.green.edu.bd. The applicant has to submit the completed application form along with the following documents to the Admissions Office


A complete application includes:

1. One Application form.

2. Three passport-sized color photographs, duly signed by student.

3. Photocopies of –

     i.   SSC or its equivalent/O-level marks sheet,

    ii.  SSC or its equivalent /O-level certificate (if available),

    iii. HSC or its equivalent /A-level marks sheet,

    iv. HSC or its equivalent /A-level certificate (if available),

    v. Copy of Graduation/Masters Transcript/Certificate

4. Copy of applicant’s birth certificate/ NID.

5. Copy of Applicant’s/Guardian’s National ID card


6. Required Job Certificates for EMBA applicant