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Co-Curricular Activities

Department of computer science and engineering solely believes that only completing academic curriculum can’t make a student a proper human being. To excel both in professional and social life beside academic curriculum one must undertake some co-curricular activities. Keeping that in mind department of computer science and engineering seminars, workshops, programming contests, short courses, quiz contests etc. very often.


GUCC (Green University Computer Club)

 To run these activities smoothly GUCC was established on 19th October, 2013 with the slogan of “Be developer to be leader”. Since then GUCC have been working relentlessly to make sure a smooth operation of various co-curricular activities for the students of department of computer science and engineering of Green University of Bangladesh.


The goal of the GUCC is to increase the leadership skill as well as to develop the professional skill of the CSE student of Green University.



 We the members of Green University Computer Club (GUCC), assume this constitution as the key for governing the matters within the club. GUCC of Green University of Bangladesh is affiliated to the Department of Computer science& Engineering. It is a nonprofit and non-political association which encourages different co-curricular activities of the department. Some of the methods to be used to accomplish our mission are:


. To offer opportunities for members to share their knowledge, and to develop their skills and techniques through practical & online social network.

. To provide an interactive environment to be up-to-date in Information, Communication and Computing Science & Technology.

. To encourage the development of interests through arranging different training programs, seminars & workshops.



The GUCC is a non-profit organization run by volunteers who give their time to help the club run smoothly and achieve its goals of helping people benefit. There are always more people seeking help than there are volunteer helpers and the need for skilled people to administer and guide club policy is no exception. In this club gender discrimination and academic dishonesty is zero tolerable.



The objectives of the computer club are:


. To increase computer skills among the members.

. To keep up to date with new technology.

· To enable the members acquire teamwork skills.

· To promote creativity among the club members.

· To provide education about computers and software.

· To enhance image to the outside world via the Internet.

· To enable members acquire skills in research and presentation of ideas.

· To increase participant’s enjoyment and understanding of today's cyber world.

· To introduce new programs and options for computer usage.

· To encourage student cultural, sports, social activities.


Research Groups

Interest in computer science is growing very fast worldwide. This growth creates unparalleled opportunity to expand various research areas in the field of computer science and engineering. Moreover to improve the quality of any department, research activity is one of the major areas to focus on. Department of computer science and engineering of Green University of Bangladesh has recently given much emphasis on research activities for both students and faculties. To run this process smoothly various research groups have been formed: 


Green Computing & Communication Research Group (GCCR)



This group has been formed to carry out research and innovative project development in the area of energy efficient computing, communications and networking in the department of computer science and engineering of Green University of Bangladesh. The key objective of this research group is to produce good quality journal and conference papers, to write project proposals, to get funds from home and abroad and to organize conference, seminar, workshop, technical talks etc. The facts of this group are listed below:


Date of creation of this group:10th November, 2016


Major Research Areas


· Computer Networking

· Cloud Computing

· Sensor & Ad Hoc Networks

· Green Cellular Networks

· Analysis of Computer Communication

· Mac and Congestion Control


Seminars & workshops

Department of computer science and engineering organizes various seminars and workshops on a regular interval. Students and faculties were participated in these seminars actively to gain knowledge about recent technology trends and research areas. Some of the successful seminars and workshops arranged recently are listed below:


·A technical seminar on “Prospects of Software Defined Networking and Software Defined Data Centre” organized by the Department of CSE held on December 20, 2016 during 10:30am to 11:30am in Green Auditorium (Building-1) of GUB. Mr. Md. Arman Hossain from UXC Connect, Sydney, Australia has agreed to deliver the keynote speech.




·A technical seminar on “Cyber Security Awareness and Education” organized by the Department of CSE held on November 16, 2016 during 2:00pm to 3:30pm in seminar hall room of GUB. As Discussed with you before, Professor Adbus Shamim Khan has agreed to deliver the speech.




A seminar entitled “Research Methodology for Young Researchers” was arranged by GUCC on December 2, 2016. It was facilitated by Dr. Md. Atiqur Rahman Ahad, Associate professor, Department of EEE, University of Dhaka. Through this seminar the students gained precious knowledge about emerging technologies, state of the art platforms and career development tips.




A workshop on “Workshop on Latex: A Text Processing Tool for Engineers” was organized by department of CSE. 100 of students were participated in the workshop.




A seminar on “getting IEEE membership” was held in the science campus. Chair of the program was Professor Dr. Fayzur Rahman, Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering. Professor Dr. Abdur Razzaque was a speaker who shared his immense knowledge and experience about IEEE to audience.