IELTS – International English Language Testing System

IELTS is the test for individuals who need to demonstrate English Language proficiency to gain entry to universities in UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Canada. It is also a requirement for those wishing to migrate or attend training programs in these countries.

The IELTS Exam preparation course at Green University of Bangladesh uses a communicative and analytical approach to taking either the Academic or General Training Test. The courses will focus on intensive test preparation to improve study techniques and exam taking strategies over skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The courses will equip students with effective skills and confidence to undertake the test by providing all necessary materials, practice tests, tips and advice from experienced teachers.

TOEFL- Test Of English as Foreign Language

The TOEFL test is the most widely respected English-language test in the world, recognized by more than 8,500 colleges and universities in more than 130 countries. Wherever you want to study, the TOEFL test can help you get there. We at the Green University help you in acquiring all the skills you need to get your desirable results and developing your language abilities.

The TOEFL course is aimed to improve one’s reading, writing, speaking and listening abilities in English as a foreign language with all the necessary equipments and techniques.

Spoken English

Today English is the perfect media of verbal communication in international business.  Learning to speak in the language with fluency and confidence builds a world of opportunities, and we at the Green University help you in expanding your speaking aptitude. The spoken English course will help the learners to enhance their English communication skills. The courses focus on daily conversations, public speaking, interview skills along with effective listening. Writing tasks will also be included whenever necessary to improve learning.

Business English

In today’s international business environment it is essential that you have good English skills. If you are looking for a job at the moment, Green University ‘s English Center Business course can help you boost your CV and give you an edge over the competition. If you are already in a career, you will find that our Business English course will help you in your daily Business dealings, opening doors to new career possibilities.

Based on an interactive approach, students will participate in problem-solving tasks, case studies and business simulations such as looking at aspects of a company's business - eg products, services and marketing, presenting facts and figures, graphs and describing economic and social trends.


General English

The General English course ranges from the Elementary to the Advanced level. Students will have to sit for a placement test to determine which course they should be opting for. The General English courses will prepare students to make use of the language everyday. Specific pronunciation skills, formal and informal language structures, letter writing, developing grammar and vocabulary will be the primary focus of the courses. 


Our facilities


•    Fully-equipped, modern, comfortable classrooms with projector, cable TV, DVD/CD player etc.


•    Lecture sheet in every class.


•    Extra care for weaker students.


•    Free computer & internet access.


•    Student lounge/common area for group conversations and self-study.


•    Free Wi-Fi available throughout the building.


•    Exclusive lab with audio and video equipment.


•    An extensive range of textbooks, text materials, CDs and DVDs.


•    Certificates  will be issued under the English Center, GUB.




Special Notes:


•     01 Free Class


•     10 Mock Tests


•     02 Free Books & CDs


•     Morning, Afternoon and Evening batches


    20% discount for all students


Ms. Ayesha Arzumand


Green University English Language Center