Mental Health Services

Counseling services: Psychotherapy or counseling does not just treat a condition. It is a therapeutic procedure where counselors address the various aspects of maladaptive behavior such as predisposing and triggering or maintaining factors, the consequences that create psychosocial conflicts in life. Counseling is a process that takes place in the context of a helping relationship in which people can identify more effective strategies to deal with the difficulties, modify behavior as well as foster personal growth and awareness. Counseling service at GPSCU is being provided from different dimensions such as individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling.


Workshops and Seminars: Toraise awareness and to enhance insight, workshops and seminars are arranged on various psychosocial and mental health related issues such as workshops on stress management, anger management, and relaxation skills. Workshops and training are designed and facilitated on timely psychosocial topics, healthy lifestyles, preventive measures and positive habits on campus to support and enhance the academic, professional, social and personal goals of students, staffs, and faculty. The information regarding workshop/training and seminar will be disseminated through emails and posters.