Make an Appointment


All students, staffs, and faculty are eligible to avail the services of GPSCU as all the members of GUB are eligible for the service. To avail the GPSCU counseling services GUB members can set an appointment with a counselor on weekdays during office hours (9.00 am to 5.00 pm) by setting a schedule before through email or meeting.


  • Either one can email the Psychosocial counselor for an appointment or can visit the GPSCU to make an appointment with a counselor.

***To make an appointment through email, please email GUB counselor and note that all emails will be addressed during Office hours.


Confidentiality Statement of GPSCU

Confidentiality Policy:

The GPSCU counseling process maintains confidentiality by the confidentiality statement and ethics to protect students, staffs and faculties privacy and the confidentiality of personal information. 


This includes: 

       The counselor will collect only the information that may be necessary for clients’ care keep accurate and up to date records, protection of the data and records. 

       If necessary, the counselor will share information with concerned authority, staffs and/or faculty and guardians, healthcare providers on a “need to know” basis where required for well-being and proper care. 

       All information of student/faculty/staff shared with a counselor is confidential and will not be released without permission except as requisite by law or threat. 


Release of Information: 

A counselor is required to disclose confidential information if: 

       The counselor believes that particular student/staff /faculty may be a threat to him/her or others. 

       If there may be any incident regarding the court of law, the counselor will contact students/parents/family members, if possible, before releasing any information and will inform student, family member and parent regarding the proceedings. 

       On occasion, a counselor may seek a consultation with, or supervision from, another counselor or staff member at the “GUCETL office” and “other concerned authorities” concerning the work with students/staff/faculty.