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Master of Bank Management (MBM) Program

The growing economic importance of today’s fast-paced banking industry in Bangladesh and oversees has accentuated that bankers, fund managers, multinational companies, securities firms, regulators and financial advisers must have a clear understanding of the theory and practice relating to banking and finance. To cater to the escalating needs for banking professionals, GUB has introduced the MBM program for the graduates contemplating a career in the banking and financial services industry. This program mainly focuses on developing necessary knowledge and a range of highly valued professional skills, and a competitive edge required by professionals handling banking operations in a highly dynamic and competitive environment.

The program provides the students with a general management perspective and a comprehensive exposure, and introduces them to the latest concepts and practices related to different functional areas of bank management. Thus, this program incorporates all the important courses and disciplines pertinent to banking activities throughout the world. This program also places equal emphasis on the quantitative as well as analytical approach to the study.


Salient Objectives of MBM Program

  • To offer a unique opportunity to study advanced theory and practice relating to bank management;

  • To develop knowledgeable and capable executives to move quickly to key positions in the financial services sector;

  • To provide executives with relevant analytical training at an advanced level covering the latest developments in the management of banks and financial services firms;

  • To provide a coherent theoretical framework for the advanced practical application of bank management techniques in a real-world setting;

  • To enable students to relate to the entire business environment within which they may operate;

  • To familiarize participants with the latest strategic, managerial and industrial developments in the financial services industry.


Who to Study MBM Program? 

  • The course will be of interest to the following graduates:

  • Graduates contemplating a career in the banking and financial services industry;

  • Graduates having professional experience in the financial sector and willing to develop their financial management skills;

  • Graduates having relevant practical experience and wishing to enhance their skills in the areas of banking and finance;

  • Finance professionals operating in capital market.  


Special Features of MBM Program

  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty members from renowned academic and financial institutions;

  • Classes mostly held on Fridays and Saturdays;

  • The state-of-the-art academic curricula engendering cutting-edge skills for the professionals in financial services sector;

  • Regularly updating academic curricula to keep pace with ever-changing economic environment and growing global needs;

  • Small class-size to ensure personal care with professional touch.


Admission Requirements

MBM is open to all students holding baccalaureate degrees from accredited colleges or universities and meeting the general admission requirements for graduate admission.


MBM Program Structure

Our MBM program is structured in a flexible manner so that working executives can pursue this program without hampering their careers. A student can receive MBM degree by completing 39-60 credits in 3-6 trimesters in 1-2 year(s). The credits requirements for a particular student for this program will be determined by the Advisor/ Coordinator of the Program or Dean of the Faculty based on his/her academic records and managerial experience at an executive level. The general course structure for MBM program is given as under:


Classes of Courses

No. of Courses


Core Courses



Capstone Course



Open Elective Courses



Concentration Courses