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Department of Film, Television and Digital Media (FTDM)

The crucial role of electronic media in the current world and its phenomenal impact on the socio-cultural context of Bangladesh is a well recognized fact at present. The Department of FTDM, founded in 2003 by the renowned media personality Abdullah Al Mamun, has emerged as one of the outstanding creative departments in the country. Corresponding to the eminent universities at home and abroad, this department under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a comprehensive study of history, theory, and practice of diverse film genres as well as media objects.


FTDM Department currently offers BA (Honors) in Film, Television and Digital Media. This program involves a humanities-style approach to television and media arts committed to exploring the interrelated factors of media, society and human culture which have shaped the present world. The curriculum of the department fosters critical, intellectual and artistic faculties of students to help produce cutting-edge media works and research. The introductory courses in film, television and new media theory, criticism, and history are designed in accordance with advanced courses devoted to the latest developments in the field. To provide valuable hands-on experience, a number of courses involving film and video making projects are also offered by the department. Students have an access to all technical materials needed for their production classes including HD and film cameras, digital editing lab, private screening rooms and new media lab. A considerable number of venues are open to students looking for extracurricular activities and internships to better prepare them for their future career.


Goals of FTDM Department

1.  to provide students with the finest possible opportunities to advance in the fields of film and media study, research, archiving and production

2.  to train them in interpreting and appreciating creative works by carefully assessing their correspondence to human life and experience

3.  to prepare students for future careers in communication by bridging the gap between the classroom and the professional world

4.  to motivate them to utilize their experiences and insights in the development of future screen media in the country


Key Features of FTDM Department      

FTDM Department is supported by outstanding faculty, dedicated staff, and talented guests who have garnered well-deserved praise in the areas of animation, education, screenwriting, documentaries, special effects, popular music, acting and dance. The department focuses into such diverse areas as Bangladeshi TV media, film industry, the viral video web phenomena, journalism and festival programming. Students of this department enjoy the opportunity to develop their skills and gather valuable experience by working with notable photographers, filmmakers and artists. They can also join the editorial board for student-led film and television review magazine (Green Image). As a whole, the department has been experiencing an unprecedented period of growth with the continued strong number of undergraduate student enrollments.



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