Extra- and Co-Curricular Activities of EEE Department


The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering believes that a student cannot be a complete man without involving any extra- and co-curricular activities. Therefore, this department undertakes various extra- and co-curricular activities very often. This includes organizing seminars, study tours, workshops, short courses, quiz competition, brain storming sessions, project demonstrations etc. Keeping this in mind, EEE department also established a club on 27th May 2013.

EEE Club:
Green University of Bangladesh EEE Club (GUBE3C) is an affiliated Board of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) department of Green University of Bangladesh (GUB). GUBE3C is a non-profit and non-political association which encourages different co-curricular activities related to EEE department. It is the platform of the students and the Faculty Members of the EEE department for their mutual advancement by research and practices; to promote closer relationships between the professional world and the students of Electrical and Electronic Engineering background; and to build up a moral ethics, culture, to do the social and engineering welfare of the country.

Slogan: “We invent, we serve and we lead”.
To be the best possible functional and purposeful educational, professional and social network for EEE faculty members, EEE graduates and current EEE students.

The Club is organized to assist the students of EEE department to build a platform to do scientific works and practice morality, to engage in various co-curricular activities, to exchange and share ideas and views among the Members of the club.

The main objectives of EEE Club are
  • To promote the education and practice of electrical and electronic engineering education at home and abroad
  • To engage its members in various EEE related activities
  • To exchange and share ideas and views among the club members.
  • To culture the knowledge and skill of the club members

There are four categories of the Memberships of the EEE Club, such as, General Member, Executive Member, Alumni Member and Life Member. Membership will be given upon the payment of appropriate amount of membership fee and upon recommendation from the Club Chair.

Membership Fee
General Membership fee is of TK100/= (Taka hundred only) per year.
Alumni Membership fee is TK200/= (Taka two hundred only) per year.
Life Membership fee is of TK1,000/= (Taka one thousand only) one time.

Membership fee may be re-fixed time to time by the Club’s Governing Board if it becomes necessary. If anyone is removed from the club on any disciplinary ground or 'vote of no confidence' then his Membership fee will be forfeited.

To run the EEE Club smoothly there are two main bodies as follows:

Governing Board
Governing Board comprises the Moderator, Deputy Moderator and Treasurer. Governing Board will be nominated by the Chairperson of EEE Department.

Engr. Saif Muhammad Imran
Moderator, Governing Board, GUBEEEC
Lecturer, Department of EEE

Engr. Ibrahim Ahmed
Deputy Moderator, Governing Board, GUBEEEC
Lecturer, Department of EEE

Engr. Mohammad Rashedul Islam
Treasurer, Governing Board, GUBEEEC
Lecturer, Department of EEE

Executive Committee
There is a six Member Exec utive Committee selected by Governing Board from the general student members for one year, usually in the club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). In the selection process, student’s CGPA, club activities, disciplinary record etc. are observed. This committee shall consist of the following Members: President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Program Secretary and Club Magazine Editor.



1.        President: Syed Sabbir Rahman (100301013)

2.        Vice-President: M. M.Sayed-Al-Mahmud (100301011)

3.        General Secretary: Md. Jashimuddin (110301026)

4.        Organizing Secretary: Md. Mirazul Islam (100301050)

5.        Program Secretary: Shamima Yeasmin Nishi (120101049)

6.        Club Magazine Editor: Md. Mehedi Hasan (100301012)